June 03, 2014

如果把 HTML5 看作做一个开放平台,那它的构建模块有哪些


The Open Web Platform is the collection of open (royalty-free) technologies which enables the Web. Using the Open Web Platform, everyone has the right to implement a software component of the Web without requiring any approvals or waiving license fees.

开放网络平台(Open Web Platform)是一些开放的(免版权)技术的集合,这些技术激活了互联网。使用开放网络平台时,每个人都有权实现 Web 上的一个组件,而不用向任何人索取许可和证书。


将 HTML5 看做开放网络平台,那它的构建模块有哪些?


  • HTML
  • DOM
  • CSS
  • SVG
  • MathML
  • Web APIs
    • Canvas WebGL
    • Audio
    • Web Storage
    • File, File System
    • History, contentEditable, Drag & Drop, HTML Editing Commands
    • Web Sockets
    • Web Workers
    • Server-Send Events
    • XMLHttpRequest
    • Geolocation, Device Orientation
    • DOM Events, Touch Events, Progress Events
    • Custom application development
    • Clipboard and events
    • Web Notifications, Web Messaging
    • Offine Web Applications
    • Media Capture API
    • Timing control for script-based animations, Page Visibility, Navigation Timing, Resource Timing
    • Selectors
    • DOM Traversal, DOM XPath, Element Traversal
  • EcmaScript / JavaScript
  • HTTP
  • URI
  • Media Accessibility Checklist

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