September 12, 2014

Underscore template in Jade template

I’m trying Jade these days. It’s a tidy and clean way to write templates when using Express as Web Server Engine.

But an unexpected problem came and perplexed me, which is how to use Underscore Template in Jade Template. I need to render the Underscore template in browser, but Jade will render the template as rendering a normal Jade template.

So the problem is how to let Jade skip the Underscore template code or how to let Jade render the template to what we need. After some Google searching I found it simple to solve this problem: just use script. to insert a plain text block as template code. It’s called Block in a Tag. You can find more details on this page

script(type='text/template' id='js-template-tree').
    <%  _.each(elements, function(element) { %>
    <%    if (element.type === 'file') { %>
            <li class="tree-file">
              <a href="#">
                <i class="octicon octicon-file-text"></i>
                <span><%= %></span>
    <%    } else { %>
            <li class="tree-dir">
              <a href="#">
                <i class="octicon octicon-file-directory"></i>
              <%= func({ elements: element.children, func: func}) %>
    <%    } %>
    <%  }); %>

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